Safety First Photo Gallery : Examples of Unsafe Acts / Conditions
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The Fire Damper (red handle back right) is blocked off by containers of flammables
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Read the Sign on the Electrical Cabinet
Viewed: 28043 times.
The rope is for show, not safety
Viewed: 23625 times.
Will this Gangway Safety Net save anyone?
Viewed: 22045 times.
Are we really ready for a Fire?
Viewed: 20586 times.
Water flow rate is much too low
Viewed: 18301 times.
This Helideck Firefighter forgot to wear a few things (Gulf of Mexico)
Viewed: 19493 times.
Smoke Detectors work better with all of their parts. This was in a Paint Locker.
Viewed: 16896 times.
This battery was 17 years out of date when inspected
Viewed: 16213 times.
With a built-in bench in front of the door - not much of a Fire Exit
Viewed: 24645 times.
Stairway tripping hazards and blocked Fire Door
Viewed: 16426 times.
Lifting a compressed gas cylinder - by the valve!
Viewed: 17205 times.
An example of a hazardouys homemade "scaffold"
Viewed: 16493 times.
This is a poor bracing point
Viewed: 15623 times.
Unsecured compressed gas cylinders are a problem
Viewed: 15335 times.
A damaged landing outside a high-sill door is a definite tripping hazard
Viewed: 14368 times.
Unsecured compressed gas cylinders are a problem
Viewed: 15746 times.
An unsafe "Drum Ladder"
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 Gallery: Safety First Photo Gallery   
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